About this GitBook

A working document that build the Fab City Hub toolkit within the CENTRINNO project
CENTRINNO is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to develop strategies, approaches, and solutions for the regeneration of neglected industrial historic sites and areas into locally productive, sustainable, and inclusive hubs (Wippoo, M. et al, 2021). It proposes to explore, implement and support the emergence of a new type of hubs, the Fab City Hubs (FCHs), in the nine pilot cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Blönduós, Copenhagen, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Tallinn, Zagreb) as testbeds for sustainable manufacturing in urban environments.
The Fab City Hub (FCH) Toolkit, contained in this iterative online repository based on GitBook, aims to be a practical and living support, to understand and document the process and the fundamental steps that need to be undertaken to conceive, set up, and run FCHs as well as support the pilots in this process. This Toolkit will be developed along with three iterations during the lifespan of CENTRINNO project and will progressively engage pilot cities in its co-design, in order to merge theoretical assumptions with real-world experimentation.
At the beginning you will find a Glossary section that provide definition of the main terms used in this toolkit. The core part of the FCH Toolkit is organised according to 4 main sections :
the 1) Explains the general role the FCH Toolkit has in supporting the emergence of Fab City Hubs
the 2) Provide answers and guiding principles about what a Fab City Hub is. In particular you can have direct access to a list of FAQ about Fab City Hubs. And you can also have a preview about 10 guiding principles for setting up your local Fab City Hub.
the 3) it entails the conceptual approach to this Toolkit
the 4) and last section, How to set up a Fab City Hub, contains the tools that will help you to set up your Fab City Hub. In this section you will have the possibility to search tools according to 2 different ways .
  • you can search for tool following a roadmap of 15 fundamental steps
To conclude, this Toolkit finishes with 2 additional sections. The first one, How can I contribute to this Toolkit , have been created to to get in contact with you and to collect your inputs while the very last one , References , gathers all the resources and efforts that have contributed to write this Toolkit
Disclaimer (1): This document contains information, which is the copyright of CENTRINNO consortium, and may not be copied, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, without written permission. The commercial use of any information contained in this document may require a license from the proprietor of that information. The document must be referenced if used in a publication.
Disclaimer (2): This is a project working document, owned by Volumes, one of the CENTRINNO partners. This GitBook is open for public consultation during the project's life, while its content is updated and adjusted according to the work developed. The information in this document will be used to develop the final iteration of the Fab City Hub Toolkit at the end of the project.
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